CIL – report on compliance with financial covenant

Pursuant to condition 23 of the Terms and Conditions of the Domestic Medium Term Note Programme, dated 3 May 2012, referred to in the Applicable Pricing Supplements, our auditors have performed the required procedures and have reported the factual findings on the financial covenants as follows:
a.The cover ratio has not been met and is not at least 4 times;
b.The residual asset ratio is at least 1.85 times; and
c.The net debt equity ratio has not been met and exceeds 50%.

Failure to meet the covenants above does not constitute an event of default under the abovementioned note programme. This Report of factual findings (Covenant Report) of Consolidated Infrastructure Group Limited for the period ended 28 February 2018 is available from the company secretary, on request.

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