Consolidated Building Materials

Consolidated Building Materials

Consolidated Building Materials | Jannie Hooman

What we do

Drift Supersand

  • Provides crushed stone and rock for the construction industry for application in roads, ready mix, concrete and for stabilisation
  • Produces 2,2 million tonnes of aggregate per annum

West End Claybrick

  • Manufactures face, semi-faced and plaster clay bricks and a range of concrete roof tiles for the building sector including developers, contractors and wholesalers
  • Produces 15 million roof tiles and 70 – 75 million bricks per annum

What makes us stand out

  • Continued strong performance in challenging market
  • Availability of material (aggregates)
  • Production to sales ratio of 1:1 – no stockpiling
  • Quality of product (aggregates) – both inherent and production
  • SABS certified
  • Reliable supplier
  • Strong service and client relationships – single largest supplier to large scale projects and clients
  • Efficient and effective fixed plant backed up by flexible mobile crushing units