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Conco established as a family business
CIG lists on AltX as ‘Buildworks’, comprising the Consolidated Building Materials division
CIG acquires Conco
Achieves R1 billion revenue

CIG transfers to JSE Main Board ‘Electrical Equipment’ sector

Establishes a renewable energy off ering in Conco

Achieves R1,2 billion revenue

Conco secures a R200 million contract from Eskom for 400kV overhead lines

Conco pre-selected for South Africa REIPPPP bids

Achieves R1,4 billion revenue

CIG announces intention to acquire 30,5% interest in AES

Establishes O&M in Conco to focus on long-term annuity contracts in renewable energy

Achieves R1,5 billion revenue

Assisting in management of AES

Achieves R2,0 billion revenue

AES included in results

Achieves R2,6 billion revenue

Tractionel included in results CIGenCo established

Achieves R3,6 billion revenue

  • Acquires 100% of electricity and smart meter provider Conlog (post year-end)
  • Ex-South Africa profit exceeds 60%
  • Achieves R4,5 billion revenue